Legal regulations

Legal regulations dealing with activities of private investigators and detective agencies.

Activities of private investigators and detective agencies are regulated by the Law on Private detectives NN 24/09.
Based on the above legal regulations, a private detective has the following authorities:

A private detective can collect information on:

  • missing persons or persons hiding from the client, persons who have written or sent anonymous letters, or persons who label, insult or reveal or publish something from a personal, family or business life that could damage someone’s honour or reputation.
  • persons who have damaged the client in some way,
  • objects that have been lost or stolen,
  • evidence that the clients need in order to ensure or realize rights or perks that they are entitled to before the court or other state authorities or associations,
  • success of persons in performing jobs,
  • success and/or professionalism of commercial companies and other legal subjects,
  • facts and circumstances relating to personal status of citizens and their property,
  • candidates for employment and workers, only upon their written consent, for which an employer is authorized to gather according to a special regulation,
  • criminal acts upon a private lawsuit and their perpetrators,
  • violation of working obligations or working discipline.

Apart from the above information gathering, private detective can:

  • plan and conduct measures of protection of business confidential information, information systems, economic and personal data according to the agreement concluded with the client,
  • deliver documentation in court, legal and other procedures.

Private detective must not perform activities, or apply any procedures which are under jurisdiction of the police, security services or legal bodies, other than observing, following, and photo-surveillance in public.

Zakonske odredbe koje reguliraju rad privatnih istraživačkih agencija.