Detective services


If you wish to determine the reliability of business records, documentation, and ownership status of a legal subject or a person before concluding an important contract, or if you wish to check the truthfulness of the data from CVs while employing new people, PIA detective agency can do it for you. We can determine the facts quickly and reliably.

Or checks include the following

  • check on legal subjects (property, business, ownership structure)
  • check on a person (employment, real residence, ownership)
  • check on potential employees

Discrete surveillance

If you suspect that your employees, board members, business partners, or other people close to you act against complying the contract, PIA detective agency offers a possibility of discrete inquiries.

These inquiries include the following:

  • discrete surveillance of people
  • discrete surveillance of vehicles
  • discrete surveillance of business premises and residences
  • discrete surveillance of communications


The time we live in is influenced by fast technological progress. It enables appearance of new forms of crime, but also gives new possibilities of their solutions. At our detective agency, we are aware of this development, therefore we follow new technologies in order to be able to respond to these challenges.
PIA detective agency records significant results connected to inquiries involving intellectual ownership violation, unauthorized use of a company stamp, inquiries in connection to stealing of property as well as revealing anonymous threats and blackmails.

Field of inquiries:

  • intellectual property violation
  • patent violation
  • fraud
  • theft
  • blackmail
  • anonymous threats, blackmails (e-mail, telephone, mobile, letters)

Security consulting

The companies are focused on their growth and development often neglecting the aspect of security. The question is not whether or not a harmful event will happen, but when will it happen, and what will the consequences be.

PIA pays great attention to prevention, and for our clients we do security evaluations including the following:

  • analyzing existing security level
  • risk evaluation,
  • setting the procedure protocols in crisis as well as in everyday situations (risk management),
  • introducing procedures during defining business confidential information,
  • we suggest and implement measures for increasing the level of security

Business intelligence

In the dynamic business environment we are forced to make decisions. In order to make the right decision, we need the quality information at the right moment. We provide our clients with the wanted information so they can make quality decisions. Our reports are based on the data which are a result of discrete inquiries on business activities, company identities, people in charge, or official inquiries lead in order to gather evidence about:

  • competition
  • people in charge
  • clients
  • business partners
  • potential business partners
  • employees