Many years of experience and professionalism are a guarantee of successful cooperation

PIA – Private Intelligence Agency is a specialized detective agency for gathering business information and providing security services

We know the value of the right-time-and-accurate-information, we have an individual approach, and we are discrete and professional. Our expertise is measured by recommendations of our satisfied clients.

We are prepared to organize an intelligence activity in a very short period, not only in the Republic of Croatia, but in the whole region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to verify the credibility of business information before contracting?

Private Intelligence Agency PIA provides a quick and reliable verification service for legal and natural persons or potential employees.

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How to Protect Against Drone Threats?

Private Intelligence Agency PIA provides a scalable mobile or fixed system for early detection of drones, visualization, alarming and ultimately neutralization of drones.

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Can you help me solve my business crime?

Private Intelligence Agency PIA records notable results related to investigations into intellectual property infringement, unauthorized use of the trademark, misappropriation of property, and the detection of anonymous threats and blackmail.

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Is 100% secure communication possible?

Private Intelligence Agency PIA has PriveCall 2.0 - end-to-end encrypted speech encryption accessor that provides 100% secure communication.

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I want to protect my private space with video surveillance. Can you help me?

PIA-Private Investigation Agency offers designing and installing video surveillance in your business or private premises.

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PIA - Private Intelligence Agency