Private Detective Cost

The cost of detective work in the field is 200,00 HRK / hour. The cost of using the vehicle is 3.00 HRK/ km. The private detective performs fieldwork by following the legal provisions governing the work of private detectives and detective agencies.

The total cost of detective work in the field depends on the client, the type of detective service and his or her estimate of what critical time a private detective must spend in the field.

In addition to the above costs, any costs incurred are also calculated: toll, accommodation, landmarks, other fees…

The prices of investigations and checks and the attendance of the premises are determined after the case has been assessed and analyzed.

The case is evaluated and analyzed based on information provided by the client to a private detective.

If a private detective assesses that there is a legal interest and that there are opportunities to ascertain new circumstances and facts, he will submit an offer with a specification of services to the client. When the client accepts the terms of the offer, the signing of the contract and power of attorney follows, and then the private detective begins the contracted work.

The above prices for detective services do not include VAT.